McDonald’s revamps the straw… just in time for St. Patrick’s Day

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OAK BROOK,Ill. – This one goes out to all the Shamrock Shake Lovers. With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, McDonald’s is introducing a high-tech straw designed to maximize the flavor of its new Chocolate Shamrock Shakes.

You read that right. Chocolate Shamrock Shake. The tasty treat is a layered fifty-fifty combination of McDonald’s chocolate milkshake topped with the popular minty green flavor on top. The Chocolate Shamrock Shake has actually been on the fast food giant’s “secret menu” for a while, but now you’ll be able to watch the Chicago River turn green while sipping this sweet deliciousness.

Two engineering firms with ties to Google were tapped to design the new STRAW, which is short for Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal — basically this new j-shaped design will perfectly mix both the chocolate and mint portions every time you take a sip.

But, don’t get your hopes up, Mickey D’s has only ordered  2,000 of these bad boys. They’ll be distributed to restaurants in 80 cities in the coming weeks. No word yet if Chicago is one of those. #FingersCrossed.