Community called to action to find boy’s killer

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CHICAGO -- At the corner of Ogden and Kostner, a community came together to call on their neighbors to turn in a killer.

Part of "Operation Wake Up," police, clergy and community activists gathered very near the spot where two-year-old Lavontay White was shot dead as he sat in the back seat of a car driven by his aunt and a 26-year-old male companion was in the passenger seat.

Police say that man was a known gang member and was the target of the shooting. Also shot, the aunt and her unborn child survived.

Three children were killed in Chicago this past week.

Thursday night in North Lawndale, neighbors, family members and victims of gun violence issued a plea for anyone with knowledge of the crime to turn in whoever is responsible.

It's part of a broader effort to get more citizens involved in a positive way with what's happening on their block and in their neighborhood.