CTU calling for Claypool’s resignation

CHICAGO --   The Chicago Teachers Union is calling on the head of Chicago Public Schools to resign.

But Mayor Emanuel says he backs Forrest Claypool.

CPS teachers are trying to pressure the district and city and state leaders to come up with additional funding for schools.

They’re unhappy about furlough days set for tomorrow, April 7th, June 21st and June 22nd.

The district says it will save about 35 million dollars.

It made the decision after Governor Rauner vetoed more than 200 million in state cash for CPS after a dispute with Democrats.

Mayor Emanuel said he's sticking by Claypool.

He says in a statement:

"I want to leave no doubt. Forrest has had my complete confidence from the day I took office, when I tapped him to head CTA, and he has my complete confidence today.