Thousands of red Skittles dumped all over highway in Wisconsin

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DODGE COUNTY, Wis. — A flatbed truck was carrying a large cardboard box of Skittles down a rainy highway in Wisconsin.

But then it rained, and the box fell apart.

That’s when thousands of red Skittles came pouring out all over County Highway S near Blackbird Road.

“Well, my deputies have got to be playing a joke on me and that wasn’t the case,” said Sheriff Dale Schmidt. “We had Skittles across the road.”

Highway crews say the candy is helping the icy roads become less slippery.

They also put a sweet scent in the air every time someone drives by.

They didn’t look like Skittles at first since they did not represent a rainbow of colors.

But it turns out these were Skittles-rejects that were not good enough for packaging.

“There’s no little “S” on them, but you can definitely smell, it’s a distinct Skittles smell,” said Schmidt.

The driver was actually delivering the candies so they can be fed to cattle.

Cattle ranchers sometimes use sweets as a cheaper alternative to corn.

The Dodge County Highway Department has cleaned the road.