Trump to speak in Wisconsin as part of Thank You Tour

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President-elect Donald Trump will speak to a crowd near Milwaukee, Wisconsin tonight as part of his "Thank You Tour."

He is set to take the stage around 7 p.m.

In the meantime, CNN is reporting the President-elect has chosen Montana Republican Rep. Ryan Zinke as his nominee to lead the Interior Department.

Zinke, a 55-year-old ex-Navy SEAL commander and recipient of two Bronze Stars for combat missions in Iraq, was a Trump supporter.

He's also faced criticism from environmental and conservation groups since joining the House in 2015.

In the House, Zinke is a member of the Armed Services and Natural Resources committees.

His selection is major political break for Democrats. Zinke was the top Republican prospect to challenge Sen. Jon Tester in 2018, and his removal from the race would substantially improve Democrats' chances of holding the seat in the midterms.

Zinke met with the President-elect at Trump Tower on Monday.

"President-elect Donald Trump and I had a very positive meeting where we discussed a wide range of Montana priorities," Zinke told The Billings Gazette in a statement afterward. "We are both very hopeful for the future."

Trump transition spokesman Jason Miller also praised Zinke in a call with reporters.

"Congressman Zinke is a strong advocate for American energy independence. And he supports an all-encompassing energy policy that includes renewable, fossil fuels and alternative energy," Miller said. "Additionally, Congressman Zinke believes we need to find a way to cut through bureaucracy to ensure our nation's parks, forests, and other public areas are properly maintained and used effectively."

Earlier Tuesday,  the lobby of Trump Tower rolled out the figurative red carpet Tuesday as he welcomed a celebrity guest list for meetings as he prepares to take office.

The parade of big names past the assembled press, gawking passers-by and tourists included rapper Kanye West, football legends Jim Brown and Ray Lewis, Trump backer and reality TV star Omarosa Manigault and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates.

Trump has been spending nearly all his days since the election in his upper floor office in Trump Tower holding meetings on his presidential transition. The President-elect has been staffing his Cabinet and meeting with his top transition and incoming White House staff.

But Tuesday was dominated by the big-name attendees, leading critics of Trump to ask why he had time to meet with the recently hospitalized rapper amid reports he frequently declines his Presidential Daily Briefing on top intelligence matters. Later Tuesday, Sean Spicer, a top Republican National Committee adviser, said Trump is now getting the briefing three times a week.

Trump also postponed a news conference to discuss how he will remove himself from his company's operations because his team says it's complicated and they need more time.

Also not seen in Trump Tower was Trump's freshly named secretary of state nominee, ExxonMobil chief Rex Tillerson, as he faces questions from senators about his relationship with Russia.

West requested the 15-minute meeting, according to Trump spokeswoman Hope Hicks. Almost an hour elapsed from when West arrived unannounced and when he came back down -- with Trump standing at his side.

Trump said the "friends (for) a long time" discussed "life." West stood by stoically, finally responding to the press asking about the meeting: "I just want to take a picture right now."

It was only the third time since the election that Trump has come down to speak with reporters gathered in his lobby. He gave Kanye a parting handshake and half-hug, half-back pat.

West later elaborated about the meeting over Twitter.

"I wanted to meet with Trump today to discuss multicultural issues."

He soon added on Twitter, "These issues included bullying, supporting teachers,