Arctic blast will follow after weekend snow crosses Chicago

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(Photo: Lacey Williams)

CHICAGO — After a morning lull, snow began increasing again across the Chicago area Sunday afternoon. Even as snowfall increases, roads are generally clear and wet as temperatures have climbed to near or above freezing.

A Winter Storm Warning remains in effect until midnight, and 3″ to 6″ are expected through Sunday evening.

Mike Ewing December 11, 20162:59 PM

Here are some of the latest snowfall totals from the weekend, courtesy of the Chicago Weather Center:

Kenosha WI 5.0 inches

McHenry 4.8 inches

Chesterton, IN 4.3 inches

Mike Ewing December 11, 20163:45 PM

More than 1,200 flights have been cancelled at O’Hare

Mike Ewing December 11, 20164:04 PM

The latest snowfall totals, courtesy of the Chicago Weather Center

Marengo 5.2 inches

Lindenhurst 5.0 inches

Elgin 4.8 inches

Porter IN 5.1 inches

Valparaiso, IN 4.5 inches

Mike Ewing December 11, 20165:31 PM

Here’s a great shot of the snow at O’Hare – over 1,000 flights were cancelled today: 

Mike Ewing December 11, 20166:01 PM

Snow possible for the third weekend in a row next weekend as it continues to fall in Chicago.

Mike Ewing December 11, 20167:34 PM

Here are the latest snowfall totals as of 6 p.m.: 

O’Hare 6.8 inches (official)

Midway Airport 5.2 inches

St. Charles 6.5 inches

Elgin 6.6 inches

Romeoville 4.3 inches

Dixon 3.2 inches

Hartford WI 6.0 inches

Merton WI 7.0 inches

West Bend WI 6.5 inches

Shirland 7.0 inches

Rockton 7.0 inches

Dixon 3.2 inches

Portage, IN 4.3 inches

Chicago South Loop 3.1 inches

Mike Ewing December 11, 20167:46 PM

Snow was coming down hard since 6 p.m. , and final snow totals will reach the 8 to 10″ range in many locations– more like 4 to 8″ south. 

Mike Ewing December 11, 20168:41 PM

Mike Ewing December 11, 20168:44 PM