9-year-old says he was fat-shamed by Santa Claus

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FOREST CITY, N.C. —  A lot of children look forward to visiting Santa during the holidays, but for one North Carolina boy, who says he was fat-shamed by Santa, the experience was scarring.

“And I went out and I started crying because I just felt so bad,” 9-year-old Anthony Masyse told WLOS.

Anthony had just asked the Santa Claus, who is employed by Forest City, for an iPod touch and a drone for Christmas when it happened.

“And when I got done, he said lay off the hamburgers and french fries, and that really just disrespected me and I felt awful,” Anthony said.

“I was just mind blown. I wished a million times that we would have never went,” said mom Ashley Mayse.

The town manager says Santa apologized to both the supervisor and the Mayse family, but wouldn’t say whether disciplinary action was taken.

“When he went to apologize to me he didn’t even mean it,” Anthony said.

Instead of a letter to Santa, Ashley would prefer the city sends a “pink slip.”

“I’m hoping he’s fired because I don’t want any kid feeling like he did Saturday. I mean it destroyed him,” she said.

As of Wednesday morning, he still has his job.