Legendary Children’s Television Creator/Host Bill “B.J.” Jackson Shares Stories from New Book!

“Kid Show: My World of Imagination” is available at The BookPatch.com or DirtyDragon.com

In 2008, Jackson released a memoir entitled "The Only Kid on the Carnival: An Extraordinary Childhood." The book chronicled Jackson's years as a young man, which led him to his career in Chicago television. The book covers Jackson's life from birth to his starting college.

While highly-regarded, many readers wanted more, especially Jackson's memories of his time working on the beloved children's shows in Chicago.

In 2016, Jackson completed that sequel, writing a memoir about his adult life and television career. Jackson's new book "Kid Show: My World of Imagination" covers his post-college/post-Army life, detailing out how came to work in Chicago, becoming a local treasure and nationally-awarded television creator.

Now 81 years old, Bill Jackson and his wife Jo are happily full-retired and living in central California.