Surbuban strip club near convent loses liquor license

It’s been a battle for the ages in suburban Stone Park: The sisters vs the strip club.

And now, after years of fighting, it seems the nuns have prevailed.

Club Allure was built right on the Missionary Sisters of St Charles Borromeo’s property line.

It caught them completely off-guard because the notice of application for the zoning change they should have received was sent to the wrong address.  Lawyers for the nuns accuse the club of doing that deliberately.

The Village of Stone Park says the club was built too close to the convent’s three chapels, which means it's within 100 feet of a church.  So the club has lost its liquor license and closed.

A lawyer representing the club tells WGN News, “We certainly disagree with the decision. We’re reviewing it now and weighing our options.”