Chicago’s wild weather to take another turn – snow

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From extremely unseasonable warmth one day to snow the next, Chicago's wild weather roller coaster continues.

November is infamous for change. After all, typically it’s month when normal temperatures decline faster than any other month.

It should come as no surprise that after near record warmth Thursday in the lower 70s,  ( a reading more typical of late September) the season’s first snowflakes may be fluttering down to earth in the next 36 hours.

Based on Chicago’s climate records, we’re overdue for at least flurries.

Since 1884, the average date of the first flurries is October 30th. What’s even more impressive is only 13 of the past 132 years have failed to produce a flake of snow by now meaning 90% of years have had snow by this date.


More on the forecast at Chicago Weather Center.

And here's one last look at today's gorgeous weather:

-Bill Snyder and the WGN Weather Center contributed to this report