Cutting-edge cakes, candy, and more at America’s Baking and Sweet show

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SCHAUMBURG –America's Baking and Sweet show is back with its biggest sugar rush so far, as the country’s first, and biggest, baking and sweets show returns for its fourth annual event.

"Every year it’s getting better and better, every year we are getting more and more people coming out," said the show’s co-founder Fedele Naccarato. “It’s a place where a lot of families will come with their children; children love to bake."

Bakers from around the country come to shop, watch baking demonstrations, take part in classes and even compete. Bethany Marquis won the Theme Cake contest with her creation depicting a flying Peter Pan. She said she doesn't even like cake, not one bit, she just likes making them.

"It’s a lot of fun, I entered it before I knew there was any prize involved, and so I was just in it to make the cake," Marquis said.

Liz Culberson of Gourmet Goodies in Carol Stream brings her Belgian Chocolate treats to the show, including exclusive chocolate holiday molds, and chocolate-covered jalapenos, Twinkies and apples.

"We have a following and people come and buy our apples or buy a box of turtles, they love them that much," Culberson said.

You'll also find the latest in home kitchens, including Bosch's new coffee maker that can be operated with a phone app to make different coffees from around the world. And their new steam convection oven cooks multiple types of dishes at once.

"Steam is actually cooking, and acts as dome on top of the food that you are cooking, so it’s cooking in its own juices,” said Katherine Funk Walsh of Novak & Parker. “It’s kind of like cooking what your grandmother used to cook."

Another part of the show is dealing with the pain that bakers sometimes have in their hands, back, and shoulders, including portable massagers bakers can use to rub problem areas while they’re stretching out some dough.