It’s Time to Play “True or False with…Yakov Smirnoff”

The New York Times calls Yakov Smirnoff “warmhearted, delightful and splendidly funny.”   As the “Professor of Love and Laughter”, comedian Smirnoff teaches his audience how to put the spark back into relationships through love and laughter.

A stand-up comedian for decades whose career has seen him on Broadway, television and film, Smirnoff received his Master’s in 2006 in positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Smirnoff is also an adjunct professor at Missouri State University and is currently earning his PhD in psychology at Pepperdine.  In 2016, he tackled the mysteries of love with a national PBS special entitled, “Happily Ever Laughter, the Neuroscience of Romantic Relationships,” which he’s now bringing to audiences with a multi-city tour.