Driver killed after crashing into church bus on West Side

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CHICAGO -- Kevin Menjivar was driving his usual route this morning at a quarter to eight, picking up West Siders to head to church. But in the 3800 block of West Congress, a speeding car headed northbound on Independence appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

"I was getting off the highway and stopped at the red light. Afterwards, I took off. As I took off, I did see a vehicle going at a high rate of speed. It hit me on the side," Menjivar said.

The crash occurred early on along his route, so only eight people were on board heading to Iglesia Bautista Fundamental in East Chicago, Indiana. A 59 year-old driver was the only one in the car. That driver was pronounced dead shortly afterwards at Stroger Hospital.

"First, I checked if everybody was okay on the bus. Then, I got off and went to check on the person. The person was not responsive," Menjivar said. "It's tough to know that somebody died. You never want to think about that. But it is tough knowing that a person died."

Menjivar then realized that a three year-old girl had hit her head. He did not want to wait any longer for an ambulance or for police.

"Luckily, there was a brother in the area. Since we have a lot of people helping pick up, they pick up in their cars and take them to the bus. I called him," he said.

Menjivar took that car and got her to Stroger himself. He said she's okay, and her parents came to pick her up.

The Chicago Police Major Accidents Unit is investigating.