Cubs surprise 92-year-old blind war vet with care package

BOONE, IA -- 92-year-old Bert Doran is thanking the Cubs for a care package that arrived over the weekend.

Bert lives in Boone, Iowa.

He lost his eyesight during World War II, but still listens to every Cubs game he can, including the 1945 World Series.

A local TV station did a story on Bert during the NLCS series against the Dodgers.

After the Cubs heard about the longtime fan they sent him some gifts including hats, a t-shirt and a handwritten note.

Bert is a big fan of Kris Bryant but his favorite third baseman was Ron Santo.

If the Cubs win tonight Bert says he's going to his favorite restaurant to celebrate with a steak, potatoes with gravy and a couple of beers.