Wiener’s Circle dresses up as ‘Goatbusters’ for Halloween to support Cubs

CHICAGO -- The Wiener's Circle threw its support behind the Chicago Cubs over the Halloween weekend.

Chicago's rudest hot dog stand, located at 2622 N Clark Street in Lincoln Park, converted its entire decor into a "Goatbusters" outpost.

A play on the movie "Ghostbusters," the term "Goatbusters" refers to the famed billy goat curse which has long been blamed for the Cubs' bad luck.

Long-time Cubs fan Bill Murray, who starred in the 1984 movie, was seen in the Wrigley Field stands wearing a ‘Goatbusters’ t-shirt – and the term has seemed to take off since then.

The Cubs won Game 5 at Wrigley Field and the World Series is moving back to Cleveland for Game 6 on Tuesday.