Dwyane Wade wants to see Lebron James in a Cubs uniform

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Friendly World Series betting isn't limited to mayors and governors.  NBA superstars are getting in on the action.

Chicago Bulls Dwyane Wade proposed the bet to former teammate and current Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James.

"'Bron, the bet is this," he begins on his the video posted to Twitter.

We're both fashion guys. We both love to dress. We both love to feel good and look good. So, whoever's team loses, the loser has to show up during the NBA season to the other guy's home game dressed as the team who won.



Have the hat on, the top and the bottom, socks, all the way down to the sneaks.  ... That's the World Series bet. Good luck, homie.

As the Chicago Tribune explains it,  if the Cubs win, James would have to show up in a Cubs uniform when the Cavaliers first visit the United Center on Dec. 2. And if the Indians win, which would please the Akron, Ohio, native James, Wade would have to wear an Indians uniform when the Bulls first visit Quicken Loans Arena on Jan. 4.

No word yet on if King James accepted the terms. But earlier in the playoffs, the two exchanged tweets on the idea of a bet.