Cubs fans swap home run ball for World Series tickets

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CHICAGO -- How much is a baseball worth? Just ask Dr. Rahul Khare and his son Dylan.

It all started this past Saturday as they were catching their ninth game of the year, and Game 6 of the NLCS, when Willson Contreras hit a rocket towards their seats in the outfield.

“The bleacher guys missed it, bobbled it, and then (Dodgers outfielder) Andrew Toles took the ball, flipped it up, and I had my glove, jumped up and caught it,” Dr. Khare recalls.

While the pair were clearly excited about getting the ball, they couldn’t have predicted what came next.

“I feel a tap on my shoulder saying, ‘hey sir, can we talk to you about Willson Contreras’ ball?” Dr. Khare said. The Cubs staff told him Contreras would love to have the ball back, and Dr. Khare said he wanted him to get it back to the Cubs player too.

That’s when it got even more interesting.

“She said, ‘maybe we can do World Series tickets?’  And I said, ‘you've got a deal,’" Dr. Khare said. “It's a great exchange, and we're just lucky that I jumped up and got the ball.”

Dr. Khare used to be one of physicians that did urgent care at Wrigley but now he has his own business, Innovative Express Care in Lincoln Park, where he uses those quick hands of his to treat patients.

He still doesn't know which game he'll be getting tickets to, but he's hoping for Game 4.