Teen drivers learn to handle road hazards during Street Survival program

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JOLIET, Ill. -- The statistics are sobering: the number one killer of teens 16-19-years-old in our country is car accidents.

Parent Rich Ellis' son, Dustin, is one of 30 teens taking part in Saturday's Tire Rack Street Survival  program.

So whether they wanted to be here or not, these young people are going to get as close to a real life experience as possible.

"Drivers Ed teaches them how to know the rules but there is the part of thinking ahead, anticipating something that's going wrong and taking car of your car," said Kevin Coulter from Chicago Region SCCA.

Coulter helped organize today's event where teens will learn in the classroom and out here here on the road, behind the Route 66 Raceway in Joliet.

The course includes different breaking techniques, emergency lane changes, how to handle weight transfer in the car and the what to do if your car starts to skid.

Now the point of the course is not to go fast, but they want recreate the speeds teens are driving at so its as close to real life as possible. Bringing these teens experience, and the parents peace of mind.

Every student gets a certificate once they complete the course.

There will be another tire rack street safety class in the spring. For more info visit: streetsurvival.org