95-year-old fan hopeful to see Chicago Cubs win it all

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CHICAGO -- Meet 95-year-old Lenore Gomez-Bustamante.

She's a mother of four, a grandmother to 15, a great-grandmother to 28 -- and a die hard Chicago Cubs fan.

Lenore says she has never, ever seen a team -- or a season -- like this.

"It has been so much fun, lot of nerves, lot of praying," she told WGN.

Every game, her family comes by to watch and support their favorite team -- and the team's No. 1 fan.

Lenore once volunteered at Cubs spring training, and now wishes for nothing more than a World Series appearance and win.

She tells WGN her favorite pick from the Cubs lineup is Anthony Rizzo.

When we asked her what she would say to Rizzo if there was a chance he was watching? Lenore answered simply with, "Come here, baby."