Classic and reclaimed goods get new shelf lives at Vintage Garage Chicago

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CHICAGO – It’s everything you never knew you had to have: rack upon rack of vintage stuff inside a parking garage in the Uptown neighborhood. Vintage Garage Chicago caters to just about anyone looking for something to spruce up their space.

“If you want something that is unique and interesting in a room, vintage is it, because you’re not going to walk into someone else’s house and find something that they got at some décor place,” said Melissa Sands, the founder of Vintage Garage Chicago.

What could that be? There are fuzzy stools and chairs, pink tuxes and panther lamps, and vintage clothes as far as the eye could see. Who doesn’t need a pair of spurs to spice up their outfit? And it’s not all simply vintage goods: some vendors take something old and make it into something new.

“I love the challenge, I love the thrill of the hunt to find all this vintage stuff and going hunting because you can’t just go to the store to buy it,” said Lumenology’s John Sonnefeldt.

Sonnefeldt reclaims vintage items and turns them into sustainable lighting. He said it’s especially rewarding because the reclaiming the items saves them from the landfill.

And there are classic kitchen items and plenty of useful gadgets around every corner, like those snatched up from garage and estate sales by vintage dealers like Bunny & Rita.

Vintage Garage Chicago wrapped up its latest season this weekend, but there will be another edition in time for the holidays in November.