Chicago alderman wants to take away Donald Trump’s honorary street name

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Photo by Joe Ruppel / Chicago Tribune

CHICAGO — A Chicago alderman wants to get rid of “Honorary Trump Plaza” — the street sign in front of Trump Tower on Wabash.

The street sign is mounted in Alderman Brendan Reilly’s 42nd Ward in the city’s River North neighborhood.

Reilly says Trump needs to be punished for comparing Chicago to a decimated, war-torn country. So he’s proposing an ordinance that will take the street name away.

“Honorary street signs are meant to honor special Chicagoans who’ve made a positive contribution to our city,” said Reilly in a statement.

The ordinance also says Trump has run a “hateful, racist campaign against immigrants and minorities.”

“There are millions of people who live and work here who are very proud of our city, and given his actions in recent months, he doesn’t warrant an honorary street sign,” said Reilly.

Trump has not commented.