Volunteers send thoughts and prayers – and meals – to Haitians in need

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SCHAUMBURG -- In Schaumburg, the thoughts and prayers are traveling thousands of miles away to Haiti, an impoverished nation to begin with, that is now dealing with the natural disaster known as Hurricane Matthew.

Teens from Roselle's Lake Park High School on a service project have been hard at work packing food boxes to ship to Port-Au-Prince and beyond.

“It's well received in Haiti because it's such a poor country in general, but especially right now, because of the hurricane they will need this a lot," said senior Alyssa Lovergine.

Feed My Starving Children operates seven sites in Minnesota, Illinois and Arizona, serving 70 countries and feeding thousands of needy kids on food purchased from donations. No place is more in need on a regular basis than Haiti, and even more so now that many lives are in the Caribbean crosshairs of Matthew.

On its website they're appealing for money and prayer: “We believe in the power of prayer. We urgently ask you to join us in praying for our partners facing the brunt of Hurricane Matthew.”

Development advisor Marily Maurella said the food purchased and delivered goes to their faith-based counterparts in the island nation and out of notoriously corrupt government hands.

"Missionaries and NGO's so boots on the ground. They know the routine. They know how to get in the trucks so it's not hijacked along the way, it's desperate,” Maurella said. “Just last month they received 8.3 million meals from us.”

And choosing to make a difference, Alyssa and her classmates say they’re getting a valuable real-life lesson today that’s far more educational than anything they can find in a book or even online.

Visit Feed My Starving Children or Hopeforhatians.org to see how you can help.