Midday Fix: Cozy Friedman’s easy hair styles for children

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Cozy Friedman


Cozy's Styles:

High Wrapped Pony
I love this style because it's fun, simple, practical and easy.  A mom's dream come true.  Everyone can do a pony and with one extra step it becomes glamorous.  If you watched the recent Emmy's, you probably noticed how many people wore ponytails.  I like the high pony, but you can place it anywhere that you like. It's great for any fun occasion!
You’ll need: Behave Styling Gel Medium Hold, a comb and an elastic
Steps: We’re doing a high genie pony, but you can place the pony wherever you like.  Rub a dab of styling gel on your hands and distribute evenly throughout her hair to create shine and tame fly aways.  Grab a small section from underneath the ponytail that you will use to wrap around the elastic.
This next step is crucial and most people miss it.  We’re going to back comb the wrap strand.  Grip the section with a light and even tension and back comb with a sweeping motion towards the root - inch by inch working your way up to create volume at the base.  Comb out the top layer for smoothness while being careful not to brush out the back combed area underneath.
Swoop the strand around the base, hiding the elastic and tuck the tail underneath.  Secure with a bobby pin at the base.  Lastly, gently pull and shape the ponytail to complete the look.

Surfer Look
This cool style is awesome because it’s super easy to do, works on nearly all lengths and all hair types and really framing your kid’s fun personality. No beach required and it never goes out of style - parents, this style will become your “go to.”
You’ll need: Cinch Detangler + Leave-In Conditioner and Behave Styling Cream Soft Hold
Steps: Prep hair by generously spraying  leave-in conditioner throughout.  This will add texture and make his hair easy to sculpt.
Tip: If you have an extra minute, you can do a quick messy blow dry to add volume (but this isn’t necessary to get the look)
Then rub a dab of styling cream on finger tips and evenly apply throughout his hair to create separation.

Tip: Using a light styling cream or alcohol-free styling gel in the morning holds a neat, smooth style without looking stiff or slick. The rule for styling products is the same for school glue: a little dab will do ya!
Adjust for a cool, “undone look” and then you’ll have that cool surfer style - ready to catch a wave or play in PE class!

Braided Buns
I love any style that keeps hair out of their face - once again, practical and easy - and brings out  their big smiles!
You’ll need: Cinch Detangler +Leave-In Conditioner and Behave Styling Cream Soft Hold, sectioning clip, elastics and bobby pins to master the buns
Steps:  We’re making these buns high for picture day, but you can make them lower - really any place you like.  Just make your pigtail and secure with an elastic and repeat on  the other side at a similar place.
Next, take a dab of styling cream and evenly distribute it throughout the hair to make sure that it stays smooth and prevents frizz.  Now, comb through the pig tails and create 3 even sections and make a basic braid like this and tie the ends with an elastic.
Take the bottom of the braid and loop it around the base of the pigtail until you complete the bun. Lastly, finish it off by securing it with bobby pins and repeat these same steps on the other side.
For a final touch, add your child’s favorite accessory - as funky as you want.  I personally love when they don’t even match - have fun with it!

Gentleman’s Part
There are some cool hairstyles for boys out there, but it doesn't get as suave as the Gentleman's Part. This cool classic hairstyle is so timeless and versatile!
You’ll need: a Comb, Cinch Detangler +Leave-In Conditioner and Behave Styling Gel Medium Hold to achieve this look
Steps: Dampen his hair with Leave-In Conditioner to make it easy to style. I prefer to use a little product over using just water because it seals in the moisture and adds a little bit of hold.
Next, apply a generous amount of styling gel all around the hair and be sure to work it through with your fingers to evenly distribute it.
Now, with your free hand, place your thumb at the side back part of the head, where the part should end and now take the comb and follow and create the part to meet at your thumb.
Comb the top part over and comb the side with the down and back swooping motion.  Finish it up by fine tuning all around.  Do this while following the comb with your free hand, voilà - your little gentleman is ready for class!