‘The Munsters’ Butch Patrick on what it was like to be child star in the ’60s

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Butch Patrick, former childhood star best known for his role as a child werewolf Eddie Munster on the television show "The Munsters" joined WGN Morning News today.

During the interview, he reminisced on being apart of "The Munsters" and what it was like to be a childhood actor in the 60s.

"It was a fun experience. I worked with some great  folks," he said. "The '60s itself was a great time to be in Hollywood. I had a really good run from 60 to 72 and 'The Munsters' was right in the middle of it."

He is currently working on a TV show titled "Property Horrors," which is about helping people who have bought properties deemed to be haunted.

Patrick's inspiration for the show comes after he bought his grandmother haunted mansion in Missouri. He also recently released a coffee table book called "Butch Patrick's Munster Memories."

Patrick, will be making appearances all month at "Fables Fright Nights and Haunted House" at Santa's Village Amusement Park located at 601 Dundee Avenue, East Dundee, IL.