Lane coming to the inbound Kennedy to help ease congestion

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IDOT is planning to add a lane to part of the inbound Kennedy to help ease congestion.

The project is going to add a lane on the inbound side of the Kennedy from Cumberland to Harlem.

IDOT is hoping that the lane, along with a new Cumberland flyover ramp, will help ease traffic in the area.

Currently, I-90 the Jane Addams Tollway and I-190 all merge  into the Kennedy.  And the tollway is currently adding another lane to I-90.  So by the end of the year, drivers will have another lane merging into the Kennedy.

Now with all that traffic  coming in, people from 1-90 trying to stay on the Kennedy have to quickly weave to the left.  And those from the tollway trying to exit at Cumberland have to quickly get to the right.

To help ease that bottleneck, they're building a flyover ramp that will take traffic from the tollway directly over to Cumberland.   And they're also creating an additional right lane between Cumberland and Harlem.

Preliminary work for that extra lane starts Tuesday.

IDOT says drivers can expect off peak temporary lane closures on that inbound side between Cumberland and Harlem and at the Cumberland ramps, but nothing that will impact traffic right now during rush hour.

The big construction will kick off next Spring, and the lane is expected to be done next fall.

No set date yet for the start of the Cumberland flyover project.