4 students from same New York high school found dead in past month

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LONG ISLAND, NY --  Four students from the same high school in New York have been found dead within the past month.

On September 13, 16-year-old Nisa Mickens was found beaten to death in Brentwood.

Her close friend, 16-year-old Kayla Cuevas, was found the same way in a backyard, the next day.

Days after that, police found skeletal remains of 19-year-old Oscar Acosta and 15-year-old Miguel Garcia-Moran.

Acosta had been missing since May, and Garcia-Moran disappeared in February.

All four victims had attended Brentwood High School.

A local street gang is suspected, but police did not arrest anyone.

School officials are advising students to not walk alone and to not wear certain colored clothing