A shopping destination straight out of Mexico – in Chicago

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CHICAGO -- As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we take a look at some of the people and places making a difference in Chicago's growing Latino community.  This week, we spent a morning at the Discount Mall in Little Village.

The large facility is known throughout the Midwest as a mercado similar to ones you would visit in Mexico.  It's one of the biggest retailers in the Southwest side neighborhood.

The facility has more than 100 booths or "puestos" as they're called in Latin Amerca.  The booths sell everything from musical equipment to dresses, jewelry and Mexican handcrafts.

Ani Castaneda made a stop in Chicago for one day and made sure to stop at the well-known mercado.  Castaneda says, "this is kind of like we are back home, my little brother on the way here is like, are we in Mexico? Almost but not quite."

The Discount Mall is near the corner of Kedzie and 26th Street in the heart of Little Village.