Chicago Deputy Mayor Andrea Zopp discusses Emanuel’s plan to hire more officers

Deputy Mayor and Chief Neighborhood Development Officer Andrea Zopp joined WGN Morning News today to discuss Mayor Emanuel's new plan to tackle crime in Chicago.

The plan will focus on mentoring, after school programs, as well as adding 1,000 officers to the Chicago Police Department.

"I think its very clear that we have rising gun violence for a whole host of reasons but the gun violence has increased dramatically in the last two years," Zopp said. "We need to address it."

She went on to explain the plan won't just add police officers, but adding more training officers and detectives allowing CPD to function in a more efficient way.

When asked how the city will pay for this expansion, Zopp explained the mayor is currently working on a budget.

"When you do a budget you plan for resources, he's been very clear that he is not going to raise property taxes again," she said. "We are going to find the revenues."

Mayor Emanuel will deliver his public-safety speech to outline a "comprehensive" solution to the city's violence at Malcolm X College gymnasium tonight at 6 p.m.