CHICAGO, September 21, 2016 – Chicago’s Very Own WGN-TV is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month by offering special news stories of interest to Chicago’s Hispanic community.  Stories will be featured on WGN News at Nine.  In addition,Adelante Chicago is airing every Saturday through October 22 at 6:30am.

September 29 – The Puerto Rican Flags:  Flags of steel were built in 1995 and are located on Division Street at Western and on Division Street at California.  They are the biggest monumental flags in the world and have won 13 architectural awards.  Ana Belaval looks into their history; they were built to spark economic growth and to build a sense of pride in the community.  When the flags were unveiled, 83% of the storefronts were vacant.  Five years later, this strip had an 83% occupancy rate.
October 3 — Megamall:  Located at the heart of the Mexican community, Lourdes Duarte takes us on a journey.  The Megamall is a one-stop shop; like stepping into a Mercado in Mexico City.
October 6 — Illinois’ Connection to Cuba:  In December 2014, President Obama began normalizing relations with Cuba by easing trade restrictions on several sectors.  Now in cities across the country, the race is on to stake a claim on Cuba’s future.  Chicago is one of those cities.  What is Illinois’ current connection with Cuba?  Who will be going?  Who is already there?  Julian Crews examines the landscape and college collaborations.  Northeastern University will collaborate with a Cuban foundation and college to establish co-op programs in the country by 2017.  Northwestern University also has a connection to Cuba through their International Development Program.
October 12 — Latino Film Studio: Latino Film Studio started with a couple who worked with at-risk youth.  Lourdes Duarte introduces us to them and discusses the screenplay they created based on the lives and experiences of these youth — “Adios Vaya Con Dios” (Goodbye, Go with God.)  Their cast includes gang members as well as people in the community with no acting experience.  “Adios Vaya Con Dios” earned a coveted spot at the Bel Air Film Festival.
October 14 — National Museum of Mexican Art The National Museum of Mexican Art was founded in 1982 by a group of Chicago Public School teachers with a budget of $900 but did not open its doors until 1987.  Dan Ponce shows viewers this unique museum which offers after-school classes, summer camps and teen mentorships.  It is home to one of the country’s largest Mexican art collections, including more than 9,000 innovative pieces from ancient Mexico to the present.
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