Midday Fix: Money saving container garden tips from Tu Bloom

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Tu Bloom

Tu Bloom Designs


Tu's Tips:

Learn to reuse OLD potting soil mixtures. Don’t go out and spend money on new soil if you don’t have to.

FAUX is fabulous -- but only if it’s done with style. Integrate beautiful life like faux foliage or silk stems to your live plantings to add instant color, texture, and you can re-use them year after year.  Choose fall appropriate silks.

Remember to RECLAIM! Take a walk in your yard and see the vast array of materials that you can reclaim and reuse with a fresh new coat of paint. Branches are my favorite or reclaim from over grown trees and shrubs. I just give them a quick splash of color (seasonally appropriate of course) and use them for added height and architectural interest in my container garden designs.