Cubs Game Notes For Wednesday vs. Cincinnati

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* Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs is not only the front-runner for the NL MVP, but also is one of just five players to start their career with two or more seasons with more than 25 home runs, more than 30 doubles and more than 90 RBI (Albert Pujols -10 , Joe DiMaggio – 4, Jose Abreu – 3, Orlando Cepeda – 2).

* John Lackey has been exceptional in his first season on the North Side, especially when it comes to getting ahead of opposing hitters. His 68.4 first strike % trails only Zack Greinke’s 68.6.

* Joey Votto has been on fire, hitting .413 since the All-Star break and is currently on pace to be one of just five NL hitters to hit .400 after the break since the first All-Star Game in 1933.

* The 2016 iteration of the Cubs has been one of the most patient in franchise history with 9.78 plate appearances per walk, trailing only the 1975 team (9.73).