Scottie Pippen reflects on his brief ‘rapping career’

Former Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen stopped by the WGN Morning News Primetime Special Wednesday night, and we learned a LOT about him that we didn't know.

For instance, we found a rap video from 1988 featuring Pippen and asked for his thoughts.

"This is my rapping career," Pippen said. "I was a rookie this year. Charles Oakley got all of us to do this video. You can see Michael (Jordan) is in this video as well."

When asked why this video hasn't gotten much attention, Pippen said: "This stayed in the closet, in the drawer, it didn't go viral. No internet then."

By the way, did we mention Pippen scored Bozo Bucket No. 6 on the first try? Nailed it!