Your Money Matters: Tips for selling online from Linda Lightman

Linda Lightman

As someone who has made a multi-million dollar business selling items on eBay, there are definitely a few tried-and-true tactics I recommend. First, take a great picture. Great pictures sell your item. So make sure and take good ones and take plenty to show an item from every angle. Buyers can’t touch it –so they rely on you to take pictures that show them what they need to see to make a decision. You should also research pricing. Next to the photos, the price is the next most important element to making a sale. But don’t base your pricing on what people are asking; search the completed listings on eBay, which shows what items did and didn’t sell for, and price your item based on what people were actually willing to pay. Remember, you’ll get better prices if you sell at the right time of year – a cashmere sweater sells for more in the fall than it does in the summer! Also, answer questions. Buyers often have questions so be prepared to answer them quickly. Good customer service often seals the deal. Finally, I recommend that you ship quickly. Getting sold items out to buyers as quickly and cheaply as possible generates positive feedback and boosts your reputation as a seller. If you can ship fast & free, buyers will love you.