Photo of Indiana teen helping elderly woman down escalator goes viral

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — A photo of an Indiana teen helping a scared elderly lady down an escalator has become a viral sensation.

Leah Kerr went shopping with her grandmother and two children. While shopping, they were heading down an escalator when Kerr noticed her grandmother was still standing at the top.

“I didn’t realize until I stepped on that grandma was too scared to get on-I felt horrible as I watched her try again and again to get her footing right. People walked around her, pushed by her or asked her to step to the side,” Kerr explained in her post.

As Carma Greathouse stood at the stop of the escalators she chose to pray.

“I said, ‘Lord you got to help me,’ under my breath. Here come a young gentleman and he took my hand and he said, ‘Can I help you get down the escalator?’ and I said, ‘Sure’,” Greathouse told WANE.

The teen, who was later identified as 19-year-old Alujwyon Lowery, said he just wanted to help someone in need.

“I can’t see somebody troubled and just walk past them. It’s just not me,” Lowery told WANE.

Greathouse, whose husband passed away several years ago always helped her get on the escalator, so Lowery’s action deeply touched her heart.

Since the photo was posted on Facebook on Aug. 26, the photo has more than 13,000 shares and 1,500 likes.