Father Pfleger ‘regrets’ telling Chicago police union president to ‘go to hell’

CHICAGO -- In an exclusive interview with WGN, Father Michael Pfleger says he "regrets" saying that Chicago police union president Dean Angelo should "go to hell."

Pfleger's harsh words came after the union urged its officers to reject any overtime work during the Labor Day weekend, to protest the killings of police across the country, and what the union considers "disrespect" of Chicago officers.

During a "die-in" protest and an "Enough is Enough" rally at St. Sabina Church Wednesday night, Pfleger sharply criticized the Angelo.

"Go to hell Angelo! How dare you tell police to not do overtime and make our streets less safe with less officers. We're already short of police officers." Pfleger said.

On WGN Morning News Thursday, Pfleger said he expressed his anger a little stronger than he would've liked to.

“I regret using that language, absolutely," Pfleger said. "I am very angry and very disappointed at Mr. Angelo for his comments. I think he is putting everything we are trying to do back to square one with his comments like that."

"Fine example from a man of the cloth," Angelo responded in a statement. "He should be more concerned with his flock than the FOP. Quite amazing he'd tell me to go to hell."

August 2016 has been the deadliest month in Chicago in 20 years, and this year's homicide count has already surpassed that of 2015.