Chicago top cop: More pre-trial jail time for hot dog theft than illegal handgun

CHICAGO -- Chicago has already surpassed the number of homicides for all of 2015.

With four months left this year, Chicago has had at least 493 homicides in 2016.

The CPD says August alone saw 90 murders.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson joined WGN Morning News Thursday, and says the numbers are frustrating.

Johnson said that gun arrests are up compared to last year, and CPD is on the verge of recovering 6,000 illegal handguns.

"That tells me that the police officers that have sworn to protect and serve are doing their jobs. Where we need help is holding these repeat gun offenders accountable for their actions," Johnson said.

He blames part of the problem on weak gun laws. Johnson says a gun offender is put in jail, and then back on the streets within a week with another illegal handgun.

"Right now in the city of Chicago, would you believe me if I told you, pre-trial, a person who steals a pack of hot dogs for retail theft does more time in jail than a gun offender does. That's ridiculous."

He also points out 85-percent of the violence is focused on people who fit the police profile of living a violent lifestyle.