WGN anchor Pat Tomasulo has nothing to hide, lets random Chicagoans read his emails

There's a lot of talk this political season about emails.

WGN Sports Anchor Pat Tomasulo just wants to clear the air and let everyone know he has nothing to hide.

So if he ever finds himself caught up in an email scandal, he wants to be ahead of the game -- which is why he allowed random Chicagoans to read through his emails.

Some of the emails include lines like:

  • "I say you do it with no pants on. Everything is funnier pants-less."
  • "I'd have to give a little more thought and flesh it out, but yes I imagine at some point I'd be wearing a diaper. I'd like to walk around Mount Prospect showing people that there's nothing to fear about a man in a diaper."
  • "Find a way to squeeze testicles into a newscast again."

Never change, Tomasulo. Never change.