Residents face off against city in increasing number of development lawsuits

CHICAGO -- A group of West Loop residents has filed a lawsuit against the City of Chicago over the approval of a development to be built next to their condominium building Monroe Manor.  The development located at 111 S. Peoria will be 10-stories tall and house 79 units.  The lawsuit alleges that the city did not follow protocol in approving the development calling it, “arbitrary and capricious.”

The West Loop battle is one of many around the city as development projects continue to boom.  The Mayor’s Office says the 23 construction cranes operating in the city marked a five-year high in mid- and high-rise development activity.

In the South Loop a group of residents have circulated petitions to fight some high rise buildings.  Meanwhile, the Old Town neighborhood is facing its own challenges as several mid-rise buildings are getting ready for development on Wells Street.

The lawsuit filed against the city could take months to resolve.  The Monroe Manor residents are trying to get other neighborhoods to join the lawsuit.

Brian Goldberg with LG Development Group, mentioned in the lawsuit and responsible for the S. Peoria development says, “It’s truly a shame that in this great city full of vibrance and growth, there exist the few who would attempt to manipulate the American legal system with false accusations simply to protect a view out of the windows of their units.”