Lunchbreak: Mac ‘n cheese pizza, prepared by HVAC Pub manager Ryan Jordan

Ryan Jordan, HVAC Pub Manager

3530 N. Clark Street
(773) 789-8864

National Cheese Pizza Day (September 5th) 50% off on HVAC’s classic cheese pizza from 9/8 - 9/11.

Check out their website for the schedule of upcoming live music.

Mac-Artney Pizza

HVAC Pizza Dough 10"

In a Bowl:
1/2 cup high gluten flour
2 Tbs granulated sugar
1/2 tsp active dry yeast
6.5 oz. warm water (100 F)

Mix with whisk. Let bloom for 13 minutes.

In Separate Container:
1 cup high gluten flour
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 tsp salt
2 Tbs olive oil

Add flour/salt/oil mixture into bowl in 3 separate portions.
*Note: depending on the mixture, add all-purpose flour until desired consistency and texture is reached (soft but not sticky).

Cheese Sauce

1 tsp Spanish Paprika
1/2 tsp cayenne
1/2 tsp oregano, ground
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp cumin
2 1/2 cups heavy cream
4 cups cheddar cheese

Combine, let simmer until incorporated, cheese is melted. Add 8 oz. cooked Cavatappi pasta. Mix until pasta is covered in cheese. Bake rolled dough at 550 degrees F in the oven for 2 minutes. Remove pizza dough from the oven and top pizza with mac & cheese. Sprinkle grated Parmesan, crispy bacon to taste, place in the oven for an additional 8-10 minutes, until cheese is golden.