Sen. Durbin makes appeal for new gun laws.

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CHICAGO -- Mass shootings always have an impact on the debate over gun control.

Democratic Sen Dick Durbin of Illinois is among those trying to tighten the laws.

Sen. Durbin held a news conference in Chicago today appealing for new gun laws.

Patrick Korellis was alongside Sen Durbin at the press conference. He was in that classroom at Northern Illinois University in February of 2008, when a gunman walked in and started shooting. He was shot in the left arm and neck. Now he's a strong advocate for stricter gun laws.

Korellis says the effects of that tragic day are still with him especially when another mass shooting happens like the one at an Orlando night club this past weekend.

While the NRA says new laws won't do anything, Sen Durbin wants the senate to pass two new amendments to gun laws. One is to make sure anyone on a terror watch list can never buy a gun.

Durbin also wants to strengthen gun show laws where private dealers can't sell guns to anyone with a driver's license.

Sen Durbin admits it will be difficult to pass these two gun amendments. Republicans say they're willing to compromise but also say the Democrats are exploiting another tragedy to pass unnecessary or unconstitutional gun laws.

The senate votes Monday.