Kittens live in prison with inmate foster parents

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CARSON CITY, Nev. -- Some cuddly new cellmates at a Nevada Prison are bringing out the warm and fuzzy sides of men doing hard time.

A pair of kittens named Smokey and Feisty are sharing a cell with George Greene and Terrence Jones.

Down the cell block, three other baby cats are being cared for by inmate Victor Meden.

It was the idea of the Nevada Humane Society, which is running short of foster homes for cats.

The kittens will live in the prison for a few weeks until adoptive families can be found.

In the meantime the inmates, who are serving sentences for robbery and theft say the program is helping them as much as it is the kittens.

Jones says, "They do make a difference, especially the simple fact that we're being somewhat of a mother to them because they don't have one. So it gives them a chance, just like they're giving us a chance."