Bears welcome top draft pick Leonard Floyd to Halas Hall

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LAKE FOREST, Ill. - There were a lot of eyebrows raised when the Bears traded up into the top ten to get Georgia linebacker Leonard Floyd last night, including Floyd.

"It was Tampa's turn and I had got a phone call. I thought it was Tampa, but they told me it was the Bears and quickly I jumped up because the Bears are one of my favorite teams," Floyd explained. "They always showed me the most love during this whole process. I felt like it was a dream come true being drafted by the Bears."

Some fans thought it was a bit of a reach to take Floyd with ninth pick, but Bears brass believe it was a necessary evil to ensure they got their guy.

One of Floyd's biggest critiques so far is his size.

He claims to be 240 pounds, but it's stretched thin across a 6'6" frame.

The 23-year-old pass rusher says keeping weight on has always been an issue.

"I lose most of my weight during sleep. I pretty much can't help it," noted Floyd. "I can get the job done with the staff we have here with the Bears. They believe in me and I believe in them. We'll get the job done."

In the meantime, Floyd will continue to eat a steady diet of 'oatmeal, peanut butter and jelly, grapes, and oranges.'