O’Hare Airport baggage handlers, custodians plan to strike

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CHICAGO —   Airport workers are expected to walk off the job Wednesday at several airports across the country including O’Hare.

They are fighting for what they say is a livable wage.  The strike could mean some disruptions for those flying tomorrow.

It is set to be a 24 hour strike and hundreds are expected to join in throughout the day.

While the workers at O’Hare are not in a union, they are getting help from the Service Employee International Union.  The strike will include baggage handlers,  wheelchair attendants, custodial staff both in the airport and on planes as well as security that is not TSA, but people watching for unattended baggage secured doors.

The workers are hoping for 15 dollars an hour.

The union says their wages rang from nearly 7 dollars plus tips to about 13 dollars. They also want what they call the retaliation for trying to form a union.

How much it will disrupt travelers is unclear.

Workers are planning a rally at 8 a.m.

The Chicago Department of Aviation released a statement saying:

The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) does not anticipate any impact to airport operations because of the proposed job action. We will continue to ensure that Chicago’s airports are safe and secure for our passengers and employees, while working to enhance the customer experience.