Garden show blooms again, with rocks drawing a crowd

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CHICAGO -- The annual Chicago Flower and Garden Show is blooming again at Navy Pier.

Beautiful blooms and colors cascade across the opening of this year’s flower and garden show at Navy Pier. “The Electric Garden” is one of the new exhibits brightening up the annual event.

New fun floral sculptures from the Brookfield Zoo also catch fans eyes.

But it may be a pile of rocks gathering the most awe from onlookers.

It is Allen Stubitsch’s first time at the show, and he’s making sure to leave his mark.

Allen is the owner of Midwest Pond Design.  His specialty is impressive rock stacking.

“In my spare time, I started balancing the stones and try to get them as high as you can go,” he says.  “Then you venture into the other parts of the balance. “

Then there’s his arches.  “It took a while it took over 17 attempts before I was able to get my first successful arch built,” he says.

One small stone is keeping all of this balanced and in place.  It is not an easy task. Each of Allen’s displays shows off a little of his stacking work, which he says has taken a ton of practice and patience.

And he does all of this careful work with only one arm.

“ I was actually born with one arm and so I was given this gigantic brain to handle the situation,” he says.  “It’s never really affected me.  It only holds you back if you let it.”

And clearly it hasn’t.  Allen has created everything from smaller two by two designs to yards full water features.

The Flower and Garden Show runs March 12-20th at Navy Pier