Judge: Video of teen’s death will not be released at this time

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CHICAGO -- The family of a teen killed by a Chicago police officer almost three years ago wants surveillance videos of the shooting released.

A federal judge ruled today the videos will not be released just yet, but maybe next month during pre-trial motions.

17-year-old Cedrick Chatman was shot and killed by police in January 2013. It happened in broad daylight near 75th and Jeffery.  He was suspected in a carjacking.  Chatmam Jumped out of the car and ran and was fatally shot.

Chatman had an iPhone box in his hand.

Some of the incident was captured on surveillance videos from South Shore High School and a corner store.

The Chatman family's civil rights lawsuit is ongoing and because of that, a judge previously sided with the city and ordered the videos sealed.

The family's attorneys headed to court today trying to get that ruling overturned but judge Robert Gettleman said he wouldn't rule on the matter until January.

The city's law department issued this statement saying:

"A judge agreed in this case that releasing the video would prejudice a trial.  The City of Chicago clearly needs a new policy around releasing videos that accounts for all issues and we're working on it with the help of the recently appointed task force."

The judge could decide to release the videos at the next court date on January 14th.  Or the city could decide to give up the fight and release them.