Midday Fix: Susanna Kalnes holiday diet and exercise tips

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Susanna Kalnes


Susanna's Tips:

During the holidays, most gyms are closed – but that doesn’t mean you cannot exercise!  Even if it means bundling up and going for a 30 minute power walk outside, that will help you to digest your holiday meal and feel lighter on your feet.  It’s also a great time to use that exercise DVD that’s been sitting on your shelf.

When you consume your holiday meal – make sure your plate is full of protein and fiber.  Fruits and vegetables, turkey, these are the foods that should consume the majority of your plate.  The other stuff – mashed potatoes, stuffing, bread -  is ok to eat, just make sure the portion sizes are smaller than your protein and fiber servings.

Doing ab exercises can also help combat the holiday bloat.

  • Exercise 1: Rope Climb
  • Exercise 2: Russian Twist & Hold
  • Exercise 3: Kick Through
  • Exercise 4: Plank walk
  • Exercise 5: Seated Bicycle