Internet goes bananas over ‘Jeopardy!’ contestant’s voice

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NEW YORK — An attorney who took home nearly $40,000 after appearing on “Jeopardy” is making waves on the Internet for reasons other than her success.

Laura Ashby has become a bit of an Internet cult hero thanks to her unique voice. Ashby, who is from Georgia, does not have much of a southern twang. But what she does have is a pretty intense elongated and upward inflection.

Twitter and other social media users became interested in Ashby beginning earlier this month.

A parody Twitter account, “Laura’s Voice,” was also created.

According to reports Ashby is from Georgia and currently works there as a practicing attorney. She attended college at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee and then at Yale in Connecticut.

Despite many mocking her, Ashby may have gotten the last laugh. Despite being eliminated from the show Tuesday, she went home with almost $40,000.

A Twitter account in Ashby’s name wrote, “All right Internet, you can go back to teasing cats with cucumbers now #JeopardyLaura.”