Sandra Bland’s jail mate speaks out, describes her as ‘distraught’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HOUSTON — Insight into Sandra Bland’s final days from inside the jail are coming from a woman who says she was in the cell right next to Bland.

Alexandria Pyle had already been in the Waller County Jail for several days when Sandra Bland was brought in July 10.

“She seemed very distraught, but I don’t know if I would say suicidal,” Pyle said.

Bland was placed in cell 95 by herself, just across a small hallway from Pyle.

Though initially reluctant, Pyle says Bland opened up about the traffic stop that started it all.

“She wasn’t eating and when I did talk to her, she was just crying and crying and all I could say was they could not hold you forever,” Pyle said.

Over the next three days, Bland was talkative and eager to get out of jail, according to Pyle.

“She said she kept trying to call this one person that she moved in here, because she said she was from Chicago,” Pyle said.

A preliminary autopsy in the Sandra Bland case has ruled her death was suicide by hanging. Bland was found hanging in her jail cell three days after her arrest on July 13. Bland’s family doesn’t believe she committed suicide.

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  • Lola

    They stopped her for not using her blinker when changing lanes, she might have gotten a warning or a ticket if she kept her mouth shut but she had to start acting out. She caused it to escalate to more, people need to shut up and they won’t end up in jail or dead.

  • Durwin

    People would not make them comments if the bland was their mother or sister. I would to see them to laugh at that. 😤

  • jacquline Foley

    Ms. Sandra Bland has lost her life, Respect her, and her Mother and Father and family. We all must be mindful in the thing we say, if this was your child are family members. You would be outraged. I wouldn’t want people to said my child should have not excised her rights, because she didn’t put out her cig…….. it was her car no one has a right to pull her are anyone else out of their vehicles. We must all stand for right. This has gone on for to long it must stop now. I will continue to pray for Sandra and her family and friends.