Police say woman, 2 young sons among 5 killed in I-65 crash

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Indiana State Police say a woman and her two young sons were among five people killed in a chain-reaction crash caused by a semitrailer on Interstate 65 near Lafayette.

Police say the crash late Thursday killed 47-year-old Jill Buck of Greenwood, along with her sons 8-year-old A.J. and 10-year-old Branson. Jill Buck was driving an SUV that police say was hit from behind by a semi that didn't slow down while approaching a construction zone.

Photo: Jill Buck via Linkedin

Photo: Jill Buck via Linkedin

According to WXIN, Buck was a highly-regarded optometrist in Greenwood, and she was very active in the community. She leaves behind her husband and three other children. Her oldest son is a freshman at Center Grove High School, and she has two college-age daughters.

The Buck family released this statement via the Greenwood Community Church following the deaths of three of their family members:

5 people killed in Interstate 65 crash. Photo: WXIN

5 people killed in Interstate 65 crash. Photo: WXINmembers:

"The Buck Family is devastated by the news of the loss of our members, Jill, Branson, and Aidan due to the accident that took place last night on I-65. We ask for your prayers through this process. We remain faithful in God in this very, very difficult time and are thankful to the many family, friends, and community members who continue to show their support. We ask for privacy as we grieve together."

Also killed in the crash were the semi's driver, 34-year-old Pankiv Ruslan of Lake Zurich, Illinois, and the driver of another car, 41-year-old Mikhail Stepanov of Lafayette.

The crash caused a fire involving the semi and the SUV. The highway about 50 miles northwest of Indianapolis was closed for hours.

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  • James Smith

    Is it very sad that such a person of faith and her two smallest children should die by accident? I cannot help but wonder the more and more I see this kind of thing. How God, that people believe in, see’s these tragedies? The mysterious part of God is in Spirit. But what people do this side of heaven, makes their lives essential to others as well. So now this man is left alone with his other children. To grieve his heart out. He says they still remain faithful in God. But empty!!!!
    What makes me wonder is why people who attend churches and worship God….are left to suffer this. I do know that many Christians offer their Biblical idea’s. But God is not contained in that Book…His Spirit lives around us all in angelic form and his power to protect us is supposed to be there when these kinds of tragedies occur. Very devastating to continue to see these children dying with out a cause.

  • Coral Bleifield

    I’ve had a couple semi drivers come into my office for Notary services for their semi driving certificates. They barely speak English, and are from Russia. How well can they know our driving rules or signs? More and more semi accidents and I hope someone in authority is investigating these drivers and if they should even have these CDL licenses.