‘Science has failed Emily … she keeps fighting:’ Community rallies around brave girl battling cancer

CHICAGO -- Purple and green ribbons line just about every street in the Mt. Greenwood neighborhood. Some homes are decorated in the vibrant colors while others are brightened with green lights on porches. It is all a show of support for 12-year-old Emily Beazley, a girl who’s battle with cancer has inspired people all across this South Side neighborhood..

Purple is Emily’s favorite color and today it brightened up schools and areas businesses and was also worn by the people of this community as the cheer on Emily and her family. They are showing their support as her four year battle against non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma hits a new level.

Just this week, Emily and her family learned chemo was no longer working and the cancer is growing.

Her parents simply hopeful Emily’s story puts a spotlight on childhood cancer.

“Science has failed Emily,” he mother explains. “It wasn’t us. It wasn’t the doctors. It’s science. Her body is able and willing and we are watching her deteriorate right in front of us because there is nothing left for her. Doctors have called all over the world and there is nothing. And I just have to watch it.”

“She’s been knocked down several times and she just bounces back up and keeps fighting,” says her dad. “And she does it with a smile.”

Friday, the family was given a reason to smile. Emily’s name was permanently etched in the community. South Homan Ave was officially named Honorary Emily Beazly Ave before dozens of family, friends and strangers.

It’s a testament to a little girl whose strength, resilience and light has changed the entire neighborhood.

For more information on Emily and how you can help visit:

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  • D. Acoluthus

    get her into alternative treatments! CBD/ Phoenix Tears, Essiac, Gersten, etc.. Where BigPharma can’t profit, Mother Nature & Creator God has a way!


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